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Videos are a great way to get people interested in your products. This is because they provide a new and refreshing way for people to get information and it is engaging. Some businesses feel that creating videos for online marketing is too much work. They are scared away by the complexity and the time it will take to finish making a marketing video. There is also the misconception that it has to be expensive, something that is not always true.

Video marketing is all about visibility and the right type of exposure. The internet is the most global phenomenon of our generation, by using search engine visibility power, popular video sharing sites and the social networking craze, your videos can generate the buzz that will give your business the publicity it needs.
Video marketing is thus a venture well worth embarking upon for your business because although it might take time to create the right video, if done right, video marketing can drastically increase your customer base.
The most important thing about video marketing is that you want to do it right, you want to send the right message, to the right people on relevant things. Here are some few video marketing tips on how you can achieve this

Understand your target audience

Take some time before making the actual video to understand the mindset of your target audience. You don’t want a situation where you send the wrong message to the right people. Research on what they are into and what can sway them into considering your business. Once you know this design your video accordingly.

Upload to You Tube

It is common knowledge that You Tube is the most popular video sharing site in the world, with an estimated 1 billlion unique visitors monthly. Once you have uploaded your video ensure you add a description having a link to your website’s URL address, your telephone number, and a logo with your business’s mission statement. Also consider other video sharing sites for maximum visibility.

Short but Sweet

People’s attention span is quite low these days because they are fed continuously with visual and audio content they take in .So if you don’t want to be filtered out ensure that your video is catchy, fun, without losing its mainstay relevance

What is the last thing they will see?

In marketing, this is known as a Call to Action. Your video’s end screen should have a call to action which is kind of an instruction that will be relegated to your viewer’s subconscious. Use an icon (a button or the hyperlink to your website). Good examples of action calls are Call now, Subscribe now, Visit us our website.

Transcript for your video

Upload a word document describing what the video is about. This can help viewers fully understand anything they might have missed out on.

Create a You Tube channel

Create a You Tube channel for your business’s video, well customized to the colors to your business’s theme and with your business logo. It will also increase your interaction and visibility. Subscribe to other channels and give interesting comments which will allow other subscribers to also visit your channel.

Social networking buzz

With the advent of social networks blogs, there are so many great new avenues to reach people and gain publicity. Thus upload the link to your video on these sites. This is called backlink and it should either link people to your website or to your subscription channel Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization has become a very important marketing tool. For your videos to gain visibility, it is advisable to incorporate SEO into them. This way, your videos will rank highly in search results and more people will see them. Here are some helpful SEO tips you can apply to your video marketing.

• Your video title should have a keyword.
• In your video description and transcript, describe your business around major keywords.
• Uploading your video on YouTube (As it is owned by Google, a trendy video will rank high on Google search results).
• Use link building strategies (other websites will show the link to your video on their site allowing their visitors to see your content). Be sure to use relevant and high ranking Websites.

Video marketing in itself is a very effective way of gaining new customers but for it to be beneficial it is important to do it in the right way. The above tips should help you do this.

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